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Established in 1939 by Joseph Gerber, Gerber knives have built a solid reputation over the years for making good quality knives for just about anything. You can find knives and Gerber tools for servicemen, outdoorsmen, and workmen that are popular to this day. One particular knife the company is well known for is the MKII, a model that was popular during the Vietnam War. Gerber also manufactures multi-function tools that allow you to tackle any kind of job or task.  Here are some of the Gerber knives you should be aware of.

Fixed blade Gerber knives are mostly used in hunting or camping situations. The popular Freeman line has some of the toughest blades that make the perfect companion in the field or forest. They come with a full tang, solid stainless steel and are encased by solid pear wood. Dramatically sculpted yet highly functional, these fixed blades are best used in skinning and gutting situations. In 2003, Field and Stream magazine named the Freeman Hunter as one of the finest knives ever engineered.

Folding Gerber knives are great for the pocket and can fit deep down until ready for use. The good thing is that it will always be there whenever you need it. The Applegate-Fairburn line was created for close quarter combat situations and is known in international circles as one of the best folding tactical urban survival knives. It feels comfortable whenever you grasp it and you can find the blade in several different styles, such as double bevel and serrated edge. These are all made from high-carbon stainless steel.

Assisted opening Gerber knives include the Fast Draw and the Mini-Fast Draw. These can be easily opened with one hand and are built with a revolutionary blade opening mechanism that was developed and patented by custom Oregon knife maker Butch Vallotton. Known as the “Forward Action Spring Technology,” this gives this particular knife type its smooth action and reliable mechanics. Made from high quality stainless steel, it comes with a pocket clip that makes it easy to access even when it is neatly tucked away in your pocket.

Multi-Plier Gerber tools are something the company has invested in heavily. The great thing about these is that they are small and lightweight, yet useful and durable at the same time. People who enjoy working around the home cannot be without one of these.

The Multi-Plier 800 Legend tool has a one hand opening action, which also allows you to access all of the other blades. It also comes with several screwdrivers, including the standard flat head and Phillips head screwdriver. While there is no serrated edge blade included, you will find a fine edge blade that does the job and a saw edge that is useful for its utility and convenience.

It is made of stellar stainless steel and contoured aluminum. The handle also has tactile rubber inserts that ensure your steady grip. These are the primary elements of what is generally considered to be the ultimate expression of Multi-Plier Gerber tools.


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